WHCEP mega

Solar thermal energy stored in oceans, lakes and waterways has a huge potential as an emission-free energy source for heating and cooling buildings. WHCEP Mega has been developed to extract energy from water, to be used with heat pump(s) for heating.

WHCEP Mega is made of equal sized modules and can be built from 2-6 modules. This will give an output of 0.36 - 1 MW together with a heat pump.

How WHCEP works

1.Inlet for water
2.Outlet for water
3.WHCEP Mega exchanger
4.Brine circuite to plant room
5.Plant room with ground source heat pumps
6.District heating pipes
7.District cooling pipes(option)
8.Buildings to be heated (and cooled)

WHCEP Mega consists of 2-6 modules. Each module can extract 90-120 kW of energy from the water which is pumped through the exchanger. The whole exchanger is made of Poly Ethylene (PE100) which makes it resistant to corrosion. 

Emission free energy

Energy in the water is emission free. Depending on the electricity used, the emissions are maximum 1/3 of electricity heating. 

1250 barrels of oil saved with 1 WHCEP Mega 720