Geoduo m32

patented shape

GeoPipe Oy's patented GeoDuo M32 collector is designed to be mounted 115 mm boreholes. Pipe diameter is 50 mm, but the oval shape makes it possible to fit it into a 115 mm borehole. Between the pipes is a separating wall to ensure that the tubes doesn't touch each other, which would create a thermal short circuit.

The heat is transferred better

Thermal conductivity of the rock is usually 3.0-4.0 W / Km, while the thermal conductivity of water is only 0.6 W / Km. Less water between the rock and the pipe gives a better conductivity from the rock to the brine circulating in the pipes. GeoDuo M32 pipe cross-sectional area is 56% greater than 40 mm from the pipe, the pipe is much closer to the rock.

Lower pressure lost improves COP

In deep boreholes (200 m <)  pressure drop of 40 mm pipe is often too large. Ground source heat pumps are designed to work at  3 ° C temperature difference. If the pressure drop is too large, the temperature difference is increased and the heat pump efficiency falls.

The pressure drop of the GeoDuo M32 is approx. 60-70% smaller than in 40 mm pipe. In practice, this means reduced consumption of electricity of the brine pump and better efficiency of the geothermal system.

deep boreholes save

GeoDuo M32 allows the drilling of deep boreholes, 115 mm in diameter, it has a number of advantages:

  • smaller hole is faster and less expensive to drill
  • deeper boreholes are needed in much smaller quantities, this saves space
  • deep boreholes have a higher temperature