GEOPipe, dedicated to harness
environmentally friendly energy sources

GeoPipe is a Finnish company who is specialized in designing and manufacturing collectors for utilizing energy stored in sediment, bedrock and water. GeoPipe collectors can also be used for thermal storage solar energy in the ground.

No matter if you have a home or a larger commercial project, our collectors provide solutions for collecting heat from the bedrock or water for geothermal heat pumps. Read more..



Oceans and waterways cover more than 70% of the earth's surface. This is the largest solar collector and it's for free. The thermal energy in water can be used in winter for heating  buildings.

GeoPipe WHCEP Mega utilizes this energy to be used with heat pumps for heating buildings. Read more...


The WHCEP Mini is a compact pond loop to be installed with ground source heat pump. The compact design and innovative use of frame pipes as weight make installation fast and easy. Read more..

GEODUO M32, Collector for deep boreholes

As ground source heat pumps become more popular in urban projects, site available for boreholes can be limited. The solutions is to drill deeper boreholes, and thus save space. Instead of drilling 10 x 200 m boreholes, 5 x 400 can be drilled. GeoDuo M32 has been designed especially for boreholes 200 -400 m deep. Read more..

collectors for thermal storage

Solar thermal energy or residue thermal energy from industrial processes can be stored in bedrock or ground.

GeoPipe has collectors designed for thermal storage in ground. These collectors can operate with temperatures up to 95 o C, making it able to use the bedrock as thermal storage.


Installing WHCEP Mini Installing WHCEP Mini

2 WHCEP Mini exchangers were installed at Ukkohalla skiresort in northern Finland (Ukkohalla is also known for the Swamp Soccer World Championship). Two WHCEP Mini provide 18 kW of capacity to the ground source heat pump situated in a terraced house.

The frame pipes were filled with concrete to ensure, that the exchanger would sink into the bottom of the lake. Installing 1 exchanger takes approx 1 1/2 -2 hours. See more pictures from here

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